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Sponsors of Indian maids made to pay KD1,280 Instead Of KD348.750
May 25, 2015, 7:57 am

The specified total fee for hiring a domestic worker from India is only KD348.750; but Kuwaiti sponsors usually pay KD1,280 for this purpose, says MP Kamel Al-Awadhi. Al-Awadhi on Sunday presented to parliamentary reporters a copy of the official fees for recruiting domestic workers from India.

He said the Kuwaiti Embassy in India gave a breakdown of recruitment fees in an official letter dated April 21, 2015 to Kuwait’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

According to the letter, the total recruitment fee is KD348.750 and this includes KD20 for medical test, 250 fils for the attestation of the no criminal record certificate by Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry, KD6 Indian Immigration Department fee, KD2.5 service fee for offices, KD25 for visa and attestation of no criminal record certificate by the Kuwaiti Embassy, KD225 unofficial fee collected by the domestic worker offices in India, and KD70 for one-way air ticket. However, the lawmaker pointed out a Kuwaiti sponsor, who wants to hire an Indian domestic worker, usually pays a total of KD1,280 — KD1,200 for the domestic workers office, KD60 for the Indian Embassy in Kuwait and KD20 for one-year residency.

He asserted Kuwaitis are closely following up talks on the proposed establishment of a domestic workers recruitment company. He said he had earlier informed HH the Prime Minister and the ministers of defense and interior on the importance of establishing this company. He also unveiled his plan to ask the National Guard to participate in the company if the law allows it.

He explained the proposal stipulates establishment of a closed company rather than a stock company as the latter is owned by a group of traders who will overtake it. He said the company will be for cooperative societies that will own most of the shares, indicating the company will have branches in cooperative societies which, in principle, are owned by Kuwaitis.

In a related development, the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee discussed Al-Awadhi’s proposal on Sunday but postponed finalizing its report in this regard until it receives comments from the concerned authorities whose representatives attended the meeting. Committee Chairman MP Faisal Al-Shaye revealed the Public Institution for Social Security agreed, in principle, to participate in the establishment of the company but it is still waiting for the report of the committee tasked to conduct a feasibility study on the proposal. He added the Ministry of Commerce and Industry told the committee that there is no need to establish the company through a law, because it can be done through a decision approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

He went on to say the Kuwait Investment Authority expressed its readiness to participate in establishing the company and Kuwait Airways Corporation is also expected to participate by owning 10 percent of the company’s shares.

He disclosed the cooperative societies are also given a chance to participate through the Cooperative Societies Union, stressing that with this participation most citizens will contribute to the company’s establishment. He said the committee listened to the opinion of Al-Awadhi who confirmed that the main objective is to provide the best services at lower fees, not to make profits. He added the company’s board of directors will include the ministries of Interior, Health, Social Affairs and Labor; stating the committee is now waiting for the response of the authorities that will participate in the establishment of the company which will have a capital of about KD1 million.

In another development, MP Abdul- Hameed Dashti has threatened to grill Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh if he allows a food company to sign the contract for supplying iron. He also submitted questions to Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Essa Al-Kandari on the Jaber Causeway project.

He wants to know if a new license was issued to the contractor — Hyundai Company — for setting up a central mixer. He asked about the actual number of licenses issued to the contractor, violations if any, actions taken regarding the violations, copies of the plans for licensed areas, and fines in case of violations. Furthermore, the parliamentary Housing Committee on Sunday met Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Ahmed Al-Jasaar, and State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul; during which they discussed the progress of power plant constructions in new residential areas.

Committee Chairman MP Rakaan Al- Nusuf asserted that the panel is keen on meeting with the two ministers in order to ensure parallel progression of both ministries in accordance with the development plan and timetable for the distribution of housing units. He affirmed the two ministers assured the committee that everything is going according to plan, noting that the committee will continue its supervisory role over this matter throughout the summer holidays in order to guarantee completion of the work within the specified period.

Also, MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf said the committee tasked to investigate the alleged violations in the distribution of agricultural parts finalized its report on Sunday. He added the committee included some factors and the final report will be ready for discussion in the next session of the National Assembly.

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