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State development plan banks on young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs - official
April 14, 2015, 5:14 pm

The state's development plan for fiscal 2016-2017 is in a major part predicated, among other things, on empowering young entrepreneurs and diversifying sources of income in the industrial and service sectors, said a Kuwaiti minister on Tuesday. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and State Minister for Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh said in press statements - on the sideline of a celebration of a project empowering young entrepreneurs - that the state development plan supports wholeheartedly all efforts of young Kuwait entrepreneurs to start small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

She added that the state development plan does not lose the sight of always trying to encourage young business-minded entrepreneurs to come up with industrial or commercial ideas workable into actual projects and businesses. To show further support to the entrepreneurs, she said the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is poised to ask the nation's coop societies to become outlets, through their supermarkets and retail shops, for the products of these entrepreneurs' businesses.

Al-Sabeeh further said that the ministry has set up a special department for SMEs to encourage young Kuwaitis to steer their energies into establishing viable projects and businesses. She reiterated the state's dedication to allowing young and motivated entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting and successfully running a business or an enterprise.

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