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State seeks best remedy for Kuwaiti layoffs
May 16, 2015, 8:54 am

The government is working on the best possible solution to handle the problem of Kuwaiti layoffs, a senior official at the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) has said. Layoffs at the private sector are a major woe, MGRP Assistant Secretary General for Manpower Affairs Bandar Fahad Mohammed Al-Rashed added in a statement on Friday.

Al-Rashed noted that it was a repercussion of the 2008 financial crisis, which negatively impacted the labor markets in several world countries. According to Al-Rashed, the government has issued many decisions to provide necessary care for those who had to leave their jobs, in order to support them during “temporary unemployment”. This includes offering them unemployment benefits, sometimes for 50 months for many of them, totaling KD 26 million.

In the meantime, the state is working hard to find them proper jobs according to their scientific qualifications. Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD) Hashem Al- Refaie said that the Council seeks to cut red tape at all governmental bodies.

He added in a press statement that the SCPD plans in the upcoming period to develop methedologies of work with the aim of simplifying measures and steps leading to meaningful reduction of red tape at government ministries and agencies. Efforts are exerted in this regard in line with the recommendations of the World Bank and the report of the team in charge of this reduction process, he indicated.

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