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Strange device causes panic at ministry
December 11, 2014, 9:03 am

An unknown individual had placed a network-disconnection device near the entrance of Ministry of Information, causing fear among the ministry officials as they did not know what kind of device it was and suspected it to be an explosive.

In a press statement, Director of Moral Guidance Department at the National Guard Brigadier Mohammad Al-Farhan denied rumors circulating on social networking websites that a locallymade hand grenade was placed on a motorbike which was parked near the entrance of the ministry. He explained that the ministry officials alerted the National Guard officers about the presence of a strange device near the entrance.

The officers checked the device and discovered that it is a network-disconnection device that is usually placed in mosques to turn off access of cell phones to the mobile networks when inside the mosques. Brigadier Al-Farhan revealed that officers from the Bomb Squad Department checked the entire building of the ministry but did not find any explosives, adding that the concerned authorities have started their investigations to identify the suspect who placed the device at the location.

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