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Strict eye on food stores
June 23, 2015, 11:48 am

Director of the Kuwait City Municipality branch Engineer Saud Al- Anzi was recently quoted as saying the Municipality’s Foodstuffs and Markets Monitoring team has shut down a store for operating before getting a licence from the concerned authorities, reports Al- Anba daily.

He added, the foodstuffs have been seized and handed over to the concerned authority for necessary action. The shop owner has been charged with selling expired foodstuffs, non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, operating the shop prior to getting health certificate and destroying 13 kilos of meat unfit for human consumption before the authorities raided the store.

Anzi was quoted as saying the Foodstuffs and Markets Monitoring team will continue to keep a close eye on sales and food storage centers through inspection campaigns to maintain the health and safety of consumers. He pointed out the ongoing inspection campaigns will be organized in all areas of Kuwait and that the teams of inspectors will work two shifts — morning and evening.


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