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Student Parliament recommends increasing scholarships, majors
April 21, 2015, 9:13 am

The Student Parliament concluded its second session yesterday with a number of recommendations, topped with increasing scholarships for university students and introducing new majors at Kuwait University.

Student Parliament members agreed during their session hosted by the National Assembly on establishing a new university by both the private and public sectors and opening branches of international prestigious universities in Kuwait.

The members called for increasing majors at the Kuwait University and conducting an annual poll on views of students on university views. They also agreed on a proposal to change the Faculty of Sharia into an Islamic university, calling for monthly meeting with Minister of Education and Higher Education as well as senior officials at the ministry to discuss the problems they are facing inside university and schools. National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem inaugurated the session with a view to giving students first-hand experience to parliament work and listen to their views regarding the legislative activities and tasks.

“Democratic and human values should be taught to children since early years,” Ghanem said while opening the Student Parliament. “[Yesterday’s] session is a step in this direction,” he added. The top legislator highlighted the importance of the initiative on promoting democracy and respect of different points of view.

He added that the session was also a chance for the MPs to listen to the views of students on several issues. The meeting was an opportunity to help students get acquainted with the provisions of the constitution and train them on how to exercise their rights of expression. Ghanem announced that the outcome of the students’ deliberations would be referred to the parliamentary Educational Affairs Committee.

The Student Parliament is a simulation project organized through cooperation between the National Assembly General Secretariat’s Training Department and the Ministry of Education.

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