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Students are using advanced technology to cheat in exams
May 21, 2016, 8:07 am
A tiny ‘magnetic speaker’ used for cheating being shown

Every year during the high school examinations, students are caught using new ways to commit malpractices in order to pass the examinations, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Such students use advanced technology for inventing new ways of cheating. The latest tool used for cheating during examinations is the so-called ‘magnetic speakers’. According to educational sources, ‘magnetic speakers’ is the latest method used for committing malpractices during examinations, after it was discovered with some students few days ago.

They explained that some students of grades 10 and 11 in different educational zones were caught in possession of these speakers. They placed these tiny speakers under their tongues before they entered the examination rooms in order to avoid the strict inspection process carried out by the invigilators based on directives from Ministry of Education.

After entering the examination rooms, they would then place the speakers inside their ears. However, using these speakers and placing them inside the ears can have an impact on the health of the students.

Indicating that the students use magnets to remove the speakers from their ears, the sources stressed the difficulty in discovering such tiny speakers.

Concerning the way the speakers were discovered, the sources said the committee that handles the answer sheets of the students, particularly those who are homeschooled and attend the evening classes, noticed that some students gave perfect answers, which were not in par with their levels of studiousness. These students were placed under close observation and eventually the speakers were discovered.

The sources said investigations were launched which led to the discovery of shops where such speakers are sold to students at prices reaching up to KD 60, revealing that the popular shops that sell such speakers and other tools for committing malpractices are located in Hawally area particularly in shops along Bin Khaldoun Street.

They urged the concerned authorities to take necessary legal actions against these shops, lamenting that new ways to commit malpractices during examinations are being invented regularly due to which schools and families must coordinate and exert joint efforts to put an end to this negative phenomenon.

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