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Students excitedly return to BSK for new academic year
September 3, 2018, 5:03 pm

Returning and new students alike from Reception to Year 13, dressed in pristine uniforms, and accompanied by family thronged to the British School of Kuwait (BSK) for the academic year 2018/2019.

Re-kindling old friendships, students met one-another again after a summer of traveling and fun, keen to share their stories and looking forward to seeing their teachers once more. The excitement wasn’t just limited to the students; parents are always so happy to see their children off on a new academic year and to catch up with other friends that they always meet in and around school. The first day is a very special day for everyone involved.

Director Madam Vera Al-Mutawa and Principal Paul Shropshire, alongside a team of nearly 300 teaching staff and assistants have been busily preparing for the arrival of the students.  The BSK campus had undergone major developments with upgraded and reconfigured classrooms, state of the art Science labs and an overall newish feel to the school.

Head Teachers Emma Bowie, Nicholas Smith, Mark Brisbane and Scott Bryant and the teaching staff welcomed the students to their classrooms and the first day was spent familiarising everyone with their new timetables and procedures. After the initial greetings and registration procedures were completed, the students were taking their first classes and celebrating the joy of being back with their friends in the familiar environment of their school. It is often said that school is a second home and for students at BSK it was, without doubt, a very happy homecoming.

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