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Students go hi-tech to cheat
May 23, 2015, 10:50 am

Ministry of Education officials have been facing difficulties in stopping the leakage of exam questions and electronic cheating, as well as identifying the people behind such acts, reports a local daily. According to sources, students continue to cheat because the officials merely warn them and announce their intention to apply regulations. Sources pointed out students are not allowed to carry their mobile phones inside the exam halls, but the method of cheating has become more sophisticated. Sources revealed the students have advanced to the level of using tiny ear pieces, bank cards and other gadgets that are difficult to detect.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr. Haitham Al-Athary ordered that the final year students or those promoted from a class to another should be prevented from entering the exam halls with their mobile phones. He instructed the supervisors and exam moderators to refrain from using phones within the two-hour examination in order not to disturb the students.

Disappearance of exam papers probed

One of the faculties of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training has opened a secret investigation into the disappearance of answer papers of 90 students from the car of a professor, reports a local daily. It has been reported the teacher took the papers home for correction during the weekend and was shocked when he found the envelope containing the papers missing from his car. The concerned authority is deciding whether to ask the students to answer the exam again or consider multiplying the mid-term by two.

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