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Surprise security raids lead to deportation of 1,444 expats
August 2, 2015, 8:54 am
Inspectors at one of the domestic workers offices.

Public Security Sector officers continued the surprise inspection campaigns in all areas, leading to the deportation of 1,444 expatriates who violated the Residency and Labor laws. These campaigns also resulted in the arrest of 36 people wanted by law for involvement in criminal cases, 101 in civil cases, 54 for the possession of narcotic substances and 26 for possession of liquor.

A total of 144 vehicles were also impounded as their owners were caught driving recklessly; thereby, endangering not only their lives but that of other people as well. The arrests took place in 579 checkpoints established in different places throughout the country. . . . 68 residency violators held: A team from the Domestic Workers Sector arrested 68 violators of residency law and issued 3 citations during an inspection campaign in the domestic workers offices at Fahaheel area.

According to a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the campaign was launched in coordination with the ministry's Residency Investigation Sector and was in line with the Residency Law 17/1959 and ministerial decision 617/1992. The team was led by Deputy Director General for Residency Investigation Affairs Brigadier Abdullah Al-Rujaib and he was assisted by the Director of Domestic Workers Affairs Mohammad Al-Ajmi and Deputy Director of Violators Follow-up Sector Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al-Hamlan. Meanwhile, another team from the same department conducted inspections of a number of offices that violated the provisions of Law 40/1992 concerning practicing activities without license.

The officers discovered three bogus offices and arrested some violating workers. They seized the Civil ID card of a Kuwaiti citizen after he misled the officers away from an event planning office where he had provided shelter to some runaway domestic workers. The citizen had instructed them to hide under the tables and other furniture and he had switched off the lights. However, the officers eventually arrested all the violators and referred them for interrogations. They also arrested a Kuwaiti citizen for deceiving people by claiming that he owns an office for recruiting domestic workers. 

Source: Arab Times

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