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Suspend recruitment of expats: Panel
May 3, 2015, 9:20 am

The committee formed by the Cabinet to correct the population structure has recommended suspension of employment of expatriates in the public sector except those with rare fields of specialization which are not found among the nationals, reports a local daily quoting official sources. The committee is chaired by State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh while the members include representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Central Administration for Statistics, Higher Council for Planning, Public Authority for Manpower, Manpower and Government Restructuring Program and Public Authority for Civil Information.

The committee recommended setting up a company to handle reemployment of expatriate workers, and deal with issues related to travel ban slapped on expatriates whose visas expired and have been referred for deportation.

It also recommended specifying quota for each nationality and foreigners employed for government contracts should leave the country immediately once the projects are completed. A source revealed the authority finds it necessary to restructure areas where expatriate employees and bachelors will be residing in such a way that they will not be concentrated in a certain area in order to balance the population structure. He added the government will reactivate the decision to evict bachelors from family residential areas.

Labor Unions object to salary scale

Labor unions have expressed objection to the proposed strategic alternative to the salary scale, especially those in the oil sector thinking they will be the biggest losers as the alternative will cancel several financial entitlements and vocational rights, reports a local daily. A source informed the oil workers will lose the right to bonus for participation in successful operations, which usually amounts to four times their salaries annually.

The report said the lawmakers have been gripped with fear that the so-called ‘details evil’ will jeopardize the proposal. It explained the proposal is likely to spark industrial and political disagreements soon, to the extent of causing work disruption that will lead to further review of the study carried out by the concerned committee. The committee will discuss the issue with labor leaders on Tuesday in order to listen to their viewpoints before submitting the final report to the National Assembly. Members of the Human Resources Committee feel dejected in terms of the latest developments concerning the strategic alternative, the report added.

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