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Suspended companies’ workers can now lift arrest orders
June 8, 2015, 11:34 am

Director of the Labor Inspection at the Manpower Public Authority Sultan Hassan recently urged expatriate workers registered under suspended companies to check with the Dajeej department to get official letters from the immigration detectives’ directorate in order to lift arrested orders issued against them, as reported in Al-Jarida Daily. 

This process allows the workers to make use of the 60-day grace period they had been granted to transfer their work permits to other companies before the end of August.

Further, Hassan noted that only 100 of the 33,000 laborers registered in over 6,770 suspended companies had so far made use of the grace period, adding that many of them are afraid that they might be arrested if they showed up at the department. “The department might have to work afternoon shifts in case of a surge in workers seeking work permit transfers” he said.

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