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Syrian expatriate forges documents for vehicles technical inspection
October 24, 2015, 9:09 am

A Syrian expatriate was arrested for forging documents related to technical inspection of vehicles and for using fake stamps, says Al- Seyassah.

Following the arrest of a counterfeiter of passport and official documents in the country few weeks ago, officers managed to arrest the Syrian expatriate who was caught in possession of several fake stamps which are similar to those used in the Department of Technical Inspection.

When the suspect was interrogated, he explained that he obtained the stamps with the help of a fellow citizen who is overseas. He used them to forge documents related to the Technical Inspection Department for which he received money from his clients.

Investigations revealed that the suspect is wanted by law for serving a jail term of 12 years for similar charges.

Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Investigation at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdulhameed Al- Awadhi commended the officers in the anti-counterfeit and forgery department for their huge efforts in exposing the forgery crimes, which, as it appears, has been ongoing for a long time. He said, “the Criminal Investigation Sector and General Traffic Department will cooperate to investigate and pursue owners of forged documents of technical inspection transactions. An extensive investigation into the matter will be launched and legal measures against those involved will be taken”.

Source: Al- Seyassah

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