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Teachers take to their heels
May 10, 2015, 9:14 am

A number of parents complained that their children panicked when they saw many of their teachers running away from classrooms last week after being informed about the presence of a tripartite committee headed by the Public Authority for Manpower in the schools to inspect the work permits of the teachers, reports  a local daily.

One of the parents of a student at a private school in Mangaf area explained that his son was  shocked to see his teachers running from the school and hiding in a nearby mall when they heard about the presence of the committee.

When the parent heard about this, he asked the school administration and discovered that the teachers are not on work permits sponsored by the schools but on dependant visas registered under their husbands. He wondered about the role of the Private Education Department in fighting this phenomenon which could negatively impact the educational system and the students.

Meanwhile, another parent revealed that the administration of a school where his son studies had asked his son to not come to the school until he is informed about the date to resume. When he asked about the reason, he was told that they wanted the students to stay at home due to the presence of the committee in the area and return only after the committee leaves.

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