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Team to descend on ‘bachelors’; landlords urged to cooperate
April 5, 2015, 9:12 am

Chairperson of the team formed by the Municipal Council to deal with bachelors living in private residential areas Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said Kuwaitis should adjust to the current situation in order to avoid facing legal procedures and cooperate with the team whose assignments will start early next week, reports a local daily. Al-Manfouhi disclosed the action is based on decision number 214/2015 issued by the minister of communications and state minister for municipality affairs through which the team was formed.

He said the officials will collate the number of buildings found to have violated the regulations based on petitions submitted to mayors, representatives of governorates, police stations and emergency teams. He confirmed gathering other information through investigations, confirmation of status, warnings, records of violations, and preparation of reports about administrative eviction cases. He disclosed members of the committee were drafted from several agencies.

He said the committee has been given the right to conduct field inspection whenever they notice scenarios of violations in private residences and they can take legal procedures in that regard. He added the team will work for six months starting from next Wednesday when they will hold a meeting. He explained the ministerial decision was in line with recommendation of the Council of Ministers through decision number 1275 during the meeting number 43/2/2014 to ban bachelors from residing in certain residential areas.

He added the final report presented by the team classified the standard residential areas into two types — densely populated and sparsely populated standard residential areas. As per the private residential areas where a large number of bachelors reside, he said the team will submit recommendations to the Facilities Committee affiliated to the Council of Ministers for appropriate actions. He urged citizens to regulate their status quickly and cooperate with the team to ease the assignment, which is regarded as a national task for public benefit.

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