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Temperature in Kuwait forecast to exceed 49 degrees on weekend
June 19, 2014, 5:51 pm

Kuwait weather continues with dry north winds in the upcoming days with significant increase in hot weather this weekend, director of marine meteorological department Dr. Hussain Al-Sarraf said on Thursday. The temperature today exceeds 46 degrees celcius with wind speed of 12 to 35 km per hour, while at sea, the waves are moderate with high altitude, he added in a statement to KUNA.

On Friday, the temperature will be extremely hot and it is expected to reach 48 degrees with northwest winds.He added the sea will witness mild to moderate waves during the day and night until the early hours of Saturday morning. 

On Saturday, the temperature will reach its peak as it reaches 49 or 50 degrees. The sea will have moderate to high waves between three to six feet high and will continue in that range until Sunday morning. 

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