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Temperatures to drop slightly in next few days
September 20, 2017, 2:21 pm

Temperatures in Kuwait are expected to drop slightly over the coming days, Kuwait's Meteorological Centre said on Wednesday. The Indian Monsoon Current continues to affect the region accompanied by a wet air mass with a slight decrease in the temperature, the centre's head meteorologist Dhirar Al-Ali told KUNA.

This constitutes an opportunity for light fog over some areas, he added. Meanwhile, he said that in the daytime on Thursday the weather will be hot and moderately humid, particurly over coastal areas, with temperatures ranging 43-45 degress Celsius. As for the state of winds, he said they will be northwesterly over most areas and southeasterly, with light to moderate speeds ranging 8-30 km/h, over coastal areas.

In the evening, humidity will be concentrated in coastal areas, with moderately hot weather due to southeasterly winds of moderate speeds. As for the state of the sea, he said 1-4 foot waves would be light to moderate. On Saturday he said temperatures during the day would remain hot with southwesterly to northerly light and moderate windspans ranging 12-35 km/h speeds. The maximum temperature is expected to be in the 42-22 degrees Celsius range. As for the evening, slightly hot and humid weather will be witnessed over coastal areas.

Source: KUNA

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