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Ten citizens prosecuted for national labor ‘trafficking’
May 12, 2015, 12:42 pm

In a first of its kind in Kuwait, well-informed sources said that the public funds prosecutor recently detained ten citizens on charges of abusing public funds and trafficking of national labor by hiring scores of citizens in their companies to get a portion of the allowances paid by the state to citizens working in the private sector.

The sources said that the Manpower Public Authority, in collaboration with the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, had referred two private companies to the prosecution in this regard.

Moreover, the sources revealed that names of other companies had been submitted to the prosecution in the past months in a bid to fight citizen labor trafficking in the private sector, and that the prosecution aims to end it by the end of the year. The sources explained that the suspected companies list citizens on their payrolls either to get a portion of the allowances paid by the government to citizens or to meet the national labor ratio condition imposed by the Kuwait labor law to acquire government tenders and contracts.

The citizens confessed that they wanted to work, but the company owners did not provide them with real job opportunities. Rather, they asked them not to show up to work in exchange for KD 100 a month.

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