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Tenants compromise in Jleeb water issue
February 1, 2014, 9:50 am
Conditions apply in the resolution

All tenants at the 9-storey building in Abbassiya that was in the news after the residents' battle over rent hike have now given in. The hike from KD 230 to 250 was agreed by the tenants on condition that there would not be any more hikes for the next 5 years.  The agreement was signed 2 days ago in the presence of the landlord and
the tenants.The building owner, reportedly an influential figure of the Mutairi family has finally won the battle after he justified his hike by saying that KD 250 in a place like Abbassiya is reasonable considering the good condition of the building.

The 'strike' of the tenants had reached police station and the court in vain. Expat organizations had taken interest in the suffering story of the building after the water and lift connections were cut. Volunteers helped carrying water to all floors - a 3-hour work - after the striking tenants contracted a private agency for water. The 2-month
old suffering had been going with no end of resolution. Tenants on the third floor had already agreed upon the KD 20 hike. The unity of the tenants was at risk as more tenants started showing signs of consent to the hike on the justification that getting a good building to stay in places like Abbassiya is not easy.

By Jinku K
Times Report
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