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Tender passed for e-link between MoSAL and Co-Ops
June 20, 2015, 9:46 am

Assistant Undersecretary for Cooperative Sector in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Hassan Kazem says a tender has been floated to implement the automation link between the ministry and cooperative societies at a cost of two million dinars, reports Al-Nahar daily. He also said the Cooperative Societies Union has KD2.5 million in arrears to the Ministry of Finance but the sector minister requires slow payment of the debts to avoid straining the budget of the union, even as he would like the cooperative societies to pay outstanding dues to the union on time.

At a recent meeting of the heads of cooperative societies in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Hall attended by the chairperson of Cooperative Societies Union Dr. Saad Al-Shabo, the assistant undersecretary brought to notice several important issues that affect the performance of the cooperative sector, citing elections of the board of coop society ending the services of three board members every two years.

He said the issue has been presented to the Legal Affairs Department for legal opinion. He stressed the ministry endeavors to facilitate the activities of coop societies by addressing concerned government bodies and the ministry to reduce the extensive bureaucratic routine. He revealed an eight-member committee has provided the ministry details of the problems encountered in cooperative work, and with necessary solutions.

Director of Rents Department at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) Yousef Al- Kandari said the authority will approve a new system starting from next August which will automatically update the data of citizens, reports Al-Jarida daily. He added, the PAHW will also oblige them to update their data every two years, and if they don’t do so they will not receive their rent money, saying this is clearly mentioned in Article 8 of the ministerial decision No 17/2015.

Moreover, if the data is not updated within the fixed time, the rent money will be automatically cancelled. This money will not be made available until the data is updated as per the conditions applicable in this domain. He made it clear that the new system will help PAHW not to pay money to undeserving individuals, in addition to helping put an end to delay in accepting demands for housing because the system will stop paying rent money to those who are not serious about receiving their apartments, houses, or plots.

He added when citizen refuses to accept an apartment or a plot of land or postpones accepting citing special reasons but continues to take the rent money it will be evident that the person is not serious about receiving housing care which the PAHW provides. He disclosed the PAHW has until now suspended the payment of rent remunerations to 480 citizens since March 2015 who had applied for housing care on December 12, 1997 although their names made the list of ‘priority’ individuals.

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