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Tens of unlicensed nurseries located in countrywide raids
October 14, 2017, 8:15 am

Nationwide campaigns on nurseries, kindergarten schools and playgrounds have been launched by the Women and Children Department of the Development Sector affiliated to Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Tens of unlicensed nurseries throughout the country were raided and blacklisted, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to informed sources, more than 40 nurseries have so far been caught operating without licenses. This number is expected to increase in the coming days amid the continuation of inspection campaigns. A report with the names of these nurseries has been submitted to Ministry of Interior, requesting for their immediate closure because they do not have licenses.

Some of them do not comply with the basic safety and security conditions stipulated in law No. 22/2014. This law regulates and specifies the role of the nurseries as well as the security measures they should implement such as protection of the children and preventing any harm to them.

The sources affirmed that the campaigns on nurseries will continue with the cooperation of inspectors from Public Authority for Manpower and Ministry of Interior in order to detect and eliminate the violations that are rampant in some nurseries as well as to ensure they are complying with the laws.

They urged guardians to verify the licenses and commercial registration of nurseries before they enroll their children especially since many nurseries are operating without licenses.

The sources revealed that the number of registered and licensed nurseries so far is 450 nurseries with 30 more on the list of registration. They affirmed that the ministry will take necessary legal measures against violating nurseries, which might culminate in temporary withdrawal of license or administrative closure until they rectify their status.

Source: Arab Times

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