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The 7th waste management, recycling Conference highlights environmental role
April 9, 2015, 9:08 am

A top municipal official on Wednesday shed light on Kuwait’s leading role in the preservation of the environment and keenness of people’ safety, in terms of ridding of waste. The Kuwait Municipality employs the latest available method to get rid of waste, Director-General Ahmad Al- Sabeeh told the opening of 7th Kuwait Waste Management and Recycling Conference and Exhibition. The authority has recently signed 17 contracts to maintain cleanliness levels in the state’s six governorates, Al-Sabeeh added.

These contracts cover gathering solid, non-chemical and liquid waste and transporting it to landfills where they are treated and buried, a process that uses the latest scientific and technological methods, he noted. In addition, the Municipality is working on developing several strategic projects for managing waste. These include one in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank for a special program to manage solid waste, expected to be completed by the end of the year, Al-Sabeeh said.

Total daily waste of about 4,000 tons is produced in Kuwait, with average of 1.5 kg for an individual, a high rate compared to world levels, according to Al-Sabeeh. Meanwhile, he noted that Kuwait was among the first countries in the region that set up plants for construction waste recycling, since 2004.

About 20,000 tons of rubble is produced daily in Kuwait. This 7th conference and exhibition is viewed as a premier event for the recycling and waste management industry in the GCC region. It presents a platform to explore latest technologies and products and find best practices to successfully manage waste in a cost-effective and environmental friendly manner. The event brings together leading industry players, waste management solution providers and consultants to address and discuss challenges and strategies for waste minimization, collection, treatment, disposal and recycling.

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