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The Gym Team recognizes Breast Cancer Prevention month
October 18, 2015, 1:55 pm

Members of The Gym Team arrived on Friday morning to attend the Zumba class at the Radisson Blu Hotel clad in pink colors to observe and support breast cancer prevention month in Kuwait. Three instructors and mentors took center stage and led the class to an hour and half class of fun workout and dance routines.

ZIN and fitness certified Janice Capili started the workout with a progression of mid tempo to fast music paired with fusion of contemporary and traditional Latin music. Zin and certified fitness personal trainer Sam Malit delivered a half hour combination of Zumba routines and one of kind Masala Banghra cardio workout to the delight of the crowd. ZIN and certified personal trainer Blanche Bravo showcased her series of Zumba moves cut in half with successive drum beats to the tune of Arabic rhythms.

“The Gym Team is one of kind because each Friday is worth looking forward to as new instructors are featured who deliver different styles. Such as today Banghra and Arabic drum beats were just superb, I never knew I can handle belly dancing zumba and yet I did,” said Elma Sebullin. To add, Jam Red said that being an instructor attending the class gives her the chance to pick up routines and modify them for her own students. “It’s continuing studies and learning for us as trainers, a truly mentoring experience. I am not surprised as I believe as half of the class is trainers and instructors too,” she elaborated.

The Gym Team currently mentors classes in the Indonesian Embassy for its nationals and recently opened the National Sports Day of Malaysia in its embassy grounds. Instructors have been invited to perform too in several functions of embassies. It has partnered with The Fitness Professionals and Body builders Committee in Kuwait with its projects including the most recent Hip Hop Masterclass that featured a known dancer and choreographer and fitness trainer.

The Gym Team meets every Friday at the Chai Al Dhaha Ballet hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel from 8 till 9:30 in the morning. Everyone is invited to attend its classes.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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