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Theft of medicines continues unabated
May 5, 2015, 11:22 am

Gangs of Asian workers continue to steal expensive medicines from medical stores of government hospitals and then resell them to private pharmacies for a throwaway price, reports a local daily quoting health sources. The same sources said expensive medicines continue to be smuggled out and the Ministry is mum in the face of this situation as a result of which the State continues to lose huge sums of money.

The source affirmed that the main reason for stealing expensive medicines is weak supervision and negligence. This was one of the reasons why surveillance cameras have been installed after discovering the disappearance of certain kinds of drugs.

The sources pointed out a number of private pharmacies buy these drugs without knowing they are buying stolen property. The sources also said medical company representatives also sell these medicines without the knowledge of their companies. There is a request for Health Minister Ali Al-Obeidi to tighten control at all government pharmacies and medical stores.

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