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Thieves strike holiday-maker’s home, sell away stolen goods
September 2, 2015, 8:20 am

A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested along with three Asian expatriates and a Bedoun youth for stealing furniture from a Kuwaiti citizen’s house in Qortuba area while the latter was overseas, and selling them to a used furniture company. According to security sources, when a Kuwaiti woman informed Rawda Police Station about the burglary at the house of her father who is currently overseas, securitymen rushed to the location and examined the house to realize the burglars stole a refrigerator and an air-conditioner. Officers from General Department for Criminal Evidences lifted fingerprints.

Capital Security Director Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah formed a security team to observe the house in case the suspects returned. The next day, securitymen noticed a half-lorry and a pickup vehicle park in front of the house. One among the five individuals opened the door of the house and the suspects started taking out the furniture and loading them into the half-lorry. Securitymen stopped them and checked their details to discover they were three Asian expatriates, one Kuwaiti citizen and one Bedoun youth.

Investigations revealed that the Kuwaiti citizen sold the furniture to a used furniture company after claiming that he wanted to get rid of the old furniture in his house and purchase new ones. He had received half payment for the furniture and would have received the rest after handing over all the furniture. Securitymen found the money with them.

After arresting them, securitymen referred the suspects to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them. Sources said Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali stressed the need for patrol officers to patrol all areas 24 hours a day to ensure the protection of houses especially since most people are currently overseas to spend their summer vacation.

Source: Arab Times

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