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Three brothers rob cash machine in Kuwait
February 19, 2014, 9:39 am

Three brothers from another Gulf country robbed a bank cash machine in Kuwait and made away with a large sum of money before two of them were seized by police.

The three masked men wrested open the machine and stole its contents in the capital Kuwait City under the cover of night before fleeing in a stolen car.

Police said the two of them were caught by security cameras as they emptied the ATM machine but that they could not be identified because they were masked.

“One of them was in another car waiting for them and he was identified…when he was arrested, he denied he was in that area but our satellite channels showed that he used his mobile phone in that area at the time of the robbery,” the Arabic language daily Al Anba said, quoting colonel Abdul Rahman al Suhail.

He said the man confessed and led to the arrest of one brother while a manhunt is underway to catch the third brother.

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