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Three diagnosed with swine flu confined in Hospital
March 26, 2015, 10:15 am

Three children admitted to Amiri Hospital have been diagnosed with swine flu, reports a local daily quoting sources. Sources revealed these children are confined at Wing 14 on the ninth floor, indicating a number of similar cases were also discovered in Adan Hospital last month. Ministry of Health’s Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs Dr Majida Al-Qattan stressed the need to give vaccines to those with weak immune system to protect them from swine flu; especially those who have diabetes, the elderly, children, cancer patients and those with respiratory problems.

She said the vaccination must be done before the start of the flu or allergy season. She added 72 swine flu cases have been reported so far in 2015, 237 in 2014 and 450 in 2012. She disclosed the highest number - 8,984 cases - was recorded in 2009 when the country experienced the swine flu outbreak and majority of the patients had fully recovered.

She pointed out swine flu is one of the seasonal diseases that has become less life-threatening; hence, there is no need for the people to panic if they hear news on the discovery of such cases. She also enumerated different ways of preventing swine flu like frequent washing of the hands, staying away from those diagnosed with the disease and other precautionary measures.

She affirmed the ministry is always ready to deal with these cases. Ministry of Health has split the Addiction Center from Kuwait Center for Mental Health, as part of measures to improve the sector.

The decision which places the Addiction Center directly under Sabah Medical District was taken by the Ministry of Health, reports a local daily.

Sources added the ministry has seconded Dr Adel Al-Zayed as Director of the center, adding Al-Zayed’s deputy and the second in command to the director will be seconded as well in the coming days.

President of the first Jahra conference on internal diseases Dr Raed Al-Suweit said the event is being organized for the first time by the Department of Internal Diseases in Jahra Hospital to discuss the latest developments on internal diseases, with the participation of consultants and advisors from several international universities in US, Britain and Canada, as well as doctors from the Ministry of Health and Faculty of Medicine, reports a local daily.

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