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Tons of expired foodstuff destroyed
March 12, 2017, 10:24 am

An inspection campaign on foodstuff warehouses and shops carried out by the Emergency Team at Kuwait Municipality-Hawally branch resulted in the confiscation and disposal of six tons of expired foodstuffs found in an unlicensed warehouse in Salmiya.

The expired foodstuffs included 781 bags of Indian rice, 480 kilos of sweets, 60 bags of spices and 705 kilos of flour. The team also issued three citations — one for operating without license, another for trading in expired foodstuffs and the third for selling foodstuffs that are inconsistent with specifications. Assistant Director General of the sector Eng Fahad Al-Otaibi praised the achievement of the inspection team and urged them to do more in order to eradicate trading in expired foodstuffs unfit for human consumption.

Source: Arab Times

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