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Tough stand affirmed for visa traders and illegal visa holders
September 6, 2015, 8:46 am

Legal Affairs Director at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Dr. Mubarak Al-Jafour announced that the board council of Manpower Public Authority has approved the bill to toughen punishments for visa traders as well as illegal visa holders. Such an announcement is an affirmation of the exclusive news report published few days ago in Arab Times and Al-Seyassah newspapers concerning visa traders. Dr. Al-Jafour explained that the bill was approved during a meeting held last week, which was presided over by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh.

At the meeting, the council approved the proposals aimed to toughen the penalties specified in Article 138 of the Private Sector Labor Law 6/2010.

The law, after its amendment, imposes a jail term of 1-3 years and a fine ranging between KD 1,000 and KD 5,000, which will increase for the visa traders based on the number of visa holders under them. In accordance to this resolution, both the visa traders and the visa holders are considered as partners in crime due to which both will face the same sanctions of jail term and fines.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Jafour indicated in a press statement that Article 140, after undergoing modification, will stipulate that those who stop expert employees appointed by the minister from performing the duties specified by the minister in accordance to Articles 133 and 134 will be fined KD 500-KD 1,000, which will double if the offense is repeated. “According to Article 142, anyone who violates orders of suspension or closure issued in accordance to Article 135, will be sentenced to jail term of not less than a month and not more than 6 months, and fined not less than KD 500 and not more than KD 1,000.

Such penalties will not override the violations noted by the inspectors”, he said. Dr. Al-Jafour affirmed that all concerned bodies will be requested to provide their observations about these amendments before the latter are referred to the Parliament for endorsement. He stressed that the Manpower Public Authority, through these proposals, aims to preserve and protect the employees’ rights and organize the labor market in a manner that will ensure suitable labor environment that concurs with the international labor standards and the human rights conventions.

Source: Arab Times

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