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Traffic Dept retrieves KD 3.5 million in pending fines from all firms
October 15, 2016, 8:36 am

The General Traffic Department (GTD) has collected fines worth KD 3.5 million from private institutions and companies, some of which had failed to pay fines of the previous years, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources. They said these companies and institutions paid modest fines within the range of KD 10,000 to KD 12,000 in order to clear procedures such as renewal of the registration of their trucks and vehicles and renewal of the driving licenses of their drivers.

The sources explained that Major General Fahad Al-Shuwe’a, after he took up the responsibility of GTD Director General, had audited the violation files and noticed huge amounts of fines owed to the department that were outstanding for years. He then issued strict directives to adopt stern measures on the negligent companies and institutions when their officials and representatives visit the GTD to complete their transactions so that they pay the outstanding fines in full and not in installments.

In other unrelated news, Kuwait Municipality is looking forward to evaluating the market value of a missing electric machine, for which it has formed a 3-member technical committee. The missing electric machine was in the custody of the Maintenance Department affiliated to the Department of Public Services and was handed over to a company in March 2014.

Source: Arab Times

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