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Traffic department release new laws for towing vehicles
November 25, 2015, 8:43 am
Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna (center) is seen during press conference.

The traffic department said it will implement strict measures towards vehicles that tow trailers in violation of the law, and asked motorists to comply with traffic laws and rules of using vehicles.

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna said during a press conference yesterday morning that the traffic department found it necessary to prepare a proposed decision on the rules of using vehicles to tow trailers, conditions of their use, requirements and explain violations of towing conditions, which will be explained by the implementation list of the traffic law, its amendments and the decisions that execute it.

He said there are rules and technical bases that explain how to drive vehicles while towing trailers and means of securing the trailers when they are pulled, adding that objects installed by some motorists for towing purposes are in clear violation of technical specifications. He said there is a ministerial law for 2015 that added the types of vehicles mentioned in article 3 of decreed law 67/1976, for vehicles prepared to tow things and others.

Muhanna said vehicles equipped with towing tools that are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation should be limited to personal use, adding that the law will be activated at the start of next year. He said that after seeing some traffic accidents, it was found out that the reason was towed trailers and objects used in towing, as they violate security and safety conditions, with or without towing.

He said that conditions must be available in towing vehicles including the availability of safety tools in the trailer such as back lighting, reflecting tape, warning triangle, first aid box and fire extinguisher, and it is not allowed to have passengers inside the trailer while driving.

Muhanna said among the conditions is that the vehicle’s speed during towing should not exceed the minimum limit of speed on the road, and it should be in the right lane and not leave it unless necessary. Also, the length of the vehicle with the towed trailer should not exceed 15 m, its height should not be more than four meters from the surface of the road and its width should not exceed 260 centimeters.

Muhanna pointed to the importance of making sure about the correct weight mentioned in the vehicle’s title and distribute it equally around the center of gravity, and that loads should be well tied inside the trailer so they remain in place during driving.

Muhanna said the ministerial law in regards to small private cars adds a new type of car made for personal use to transport one passenger only besides the driver, and are not designed as motorcycles. He said the addition of this new type of car under the title of small private vehicle comes in light of the development of manufacturing cars and the reliance of world countries on small engines that save fuel and reduce emissions to protect the environment.

Meanwhile, Director General of Relations and Security Information Department Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash said the traffic issue has become a case that has interest at all levels. He said the issue is one of the ministry’s priorities in order to guarantee road safety and save the youth, as they are the true wealth of this country.

Source: KUNA

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