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Traffic fees will rise by 50 percent or more, vehicle impoundment temporarily suspended
August 30, 2015, 9:39 am

The increase in fees in traffic violations fines and traffic services will be applied to both citizens and expatriates and the increase will be 50 percent or more, said Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdallah Al- Muhanna. Major General Muhanna said vehicle impoundment will be temporarily suspended because garages are now full with thousands of cars. Major General Muhanna said there is no intention to apply exaggerated increases that may reach hundreds of dinars for services extended to expats, such as license renewals or car titles. Furthermore, he denied that expats will not be allowed to own more than one vehicle.

Major General Muhanna explained there were two proposals by the Traffic Department that were sent to the Interior Ministry. The first proposed to increase traffic fines by 50 percent and the other is to double the fees of some services. He described the fees that will include both citizens and expats as logical and realistic, noting the increase of violations fees will be a deterrent to the increase in traffic accidents that killed 200 persons, including 79 Kuwaitis during the past six months.

Meanwhile, Major General Muhanna found what is being said about plans to target expats as strange. “They are part of the country’s renaissance and we do not deny their role. If there is a criticism for some, then that is because they do not respect the state’s laws, which is something we do not tolerate from anyone. When we see an expat driving a car without a license, or driving rundown vehicles, then we will not take it easy on them,” Major General Muhanna said.

Major General Muhanna also said that more than 300 expats were deported during the past six months for driving without licenses, “despite warnings and media campaigns and to those drivers we say… enough.” He said the expat who received his driver’s license before the decision that linked it with his visa can complete the period of 10 years since the decision does not include him. He added that the license of an expat who changes his job for which he obtained it will be revoked. The number of impounded vehicles reached 38,528 according to a letter from the company that manages the impounding garages on behalf of the traffic department.

Source: Al-Rai

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