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Tragic accident leaves friends and parents shattered
April 14, 2015, 2:47 pm

The accident which took place in Sharjah on morning of 9th April, 2015 has left us devastated.  While some of us are heart-broken with the tragic news many of us found this as a juicy subject to gossip about. As we were battling the loss of our very near and dear friends, there are others who although being totally unaware of the whole scenario were cooking up stories and spreading irrelevant rumors. This is a sincere attempt to set facts right.

It was Wednesday evening, the 8th of April, 2015. Three of our very dear friends were having dinner at an uncle’s house. They chatted with their family members, near and dear friends and everything went well and were then headed home. They bade goodbye not knowing that it would be their final goodbye. Little did they know that the road that day was not taking them home but to a different place all together.

En route to their hotel, they met with a tragic accident. The police rushed to the site and proclaimed two of our friends dead. The friend who was driving the car that night miraculously had no injuries and was alive. He is blessed to have survived such a tragic accident and that was a miracle in itself. Destiny had played it role. The 2 were destined to live no more while he was destined to live to suffer the trauma that came after that.

Trauma I say because since that day things have not been the same. My phone rings in the early morning hours and I wake up to the horrifying news of the accident. My friends have passed away is the information I received. As I felt the floor beneath me give away, my next reaction was that this news could definitely not be true as I had a conversation with one of them just 4 hours before. Whilst I hoped this to be some kind of a bad dream that I am seeing, I was given to understand that it was all true. I had to accept the sad truth.

The early morning news came as a blow to the parents of both the deceased. They were yet not aware that they had lost their children. We tried to keep it as confidential as possible until the parents themselves were confronted with the truth. Slowly the news started spreading across through friends and acquaintances and very soon many of them got to know that our friends has passed away. Since then there was no stopping to the stories and the rumors that were being spread on account of this accident.

A humble request dear people that before you speak please analyze if you are aware of what you are saying and how far it is true and then share the information with the ones around you. How did the accident happen? Well, no one knows. We are still trying to find an answer to that. The investigations are ongoing as to how the accident took place and we will soon know the facts.

Another hot topic the people found to discuss was, “Oh, the driver was under intoxication”. Those who very affirmatively made this statement may I ask, “Were you present with the driver and did you know that he was drinking? Or did you get a confirmation that his blood sample was tested positive?”
So on what basis are you making such allegations?  To answer your questions, NO they were not drinking that night. They all were invited for dinner at an uncle’s place.

The society that we are brought up in teaches us to respect our elders. So obviously if we were invited for dinner to an elderly uncle’s house, we would end up keeping our respect in front of them and would definitely not drink. I analyze the situation that way but I am no person to battle on your thoughts. All those in doubt, I can confirm the blood samples were tested and the results came out “NEGATIVE”. The blood sampling is normally a procedure which is done in any accident cases. And in this case, I can certainly confirm that as per the reports, fortunately that evening none one of them were drunk.

I write further to share the nature of my 3 beloved friends. All 3 of them hail from good families and have been raised by God fearing parents. This I can say from their attitude and mannerism. The ones who have known them will definitely agree with me on this.

Abigail Dias, a bubbly young girl who had just celebrated her birthday, was known for her cheerful smile, ringing laughter and helpful nature. A respectful young girl, who loved to dance. I had just got to know her very recently but for the short time that I had known her, she has won our hearts in her own special ways. I can never forget her ever ready to help friendly nature and the way she would maintain her posture in front of the elders in our group.

Mohamed Vazeel, a young boy with a radiant smile. He loved music and football. He used to DJ in his free time and never missed being on the football field every Friday morning. Other than this he fancied riding and loved his bike. Possessing a very helpful attitude he was loved by all his friends and had numerous of them, right from his childhood school friends till the football ground till the bikers’ gang. He will always remain in our hearts for his simplicity and humbleness.

Matthew Varghese, a sweet and loving boy. He possesses this nature of going that extra mile to help. He loves cars and bikes and recently opened his own bike garage “Ride N Race”. A down to earth simple lad with a loving heart. Call him anytime day or night and tell him you are in need and he is at your doorstep.

We are a small family within our small group of friends, closely knit to each other through the bond of friendship. We enjoyed the company of each other and would always find the smallest reasons to celebrate. With Vzy and Abby gone, life is not going to be the same anymore. We feel we have lost a part of us. I still remember the whole gang getting together just 2 weeks before to throw Matt’s surprise birthday party and then ganging up to celebrate Abby’s birthday. I cannot believe we were all together just few days ago and that today Abby and Vzy are no more.

As we lay them both to rest, I know that they are in much better place today. Although they will be terribly missed, their memories will forever linger in our hearts. We will miss those crazy times, the weekend rides, the Friday morning breakfasts, the long desert trips and the BBQ’s at Ride N Race. We will miss every single moment to celebrate. “Ride N Race” will never be the same without you both. You will always be remembered and though we know that you are no more amongst us, we will always feel your presence around us.

As I write this article, Matt is still battling the loss of our dear friends. A humble request dear people is to kindly pray for him, that God delivers him from all problems and brings him back safely to us. Also in your intentions, please pray for the departed souls of our Abigail and Vazeel that they may find eternal peace in their heavenly abode.

Who am I to write this article and how would I know how far is this all true? To answer your question, I am the wife of their friend. Their friend from Kuwait who was our only point of contact in Dubai after the mishap occurred (other than the parents and few of the cousins) and has witnessed this entire turmoil. They all had travelled to Dubai for different reasons and were to return back on Saturday. They never did come back to Kuwait but were made to face a different situation all together. To conclude I can only say, “Life is so unpredictable….so live and let live.”

- By Cindy Fernandes Thakur

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