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Translation correction saves $23 million for MPW
October 30, 2017, 2:37 pm

The correction of a translation error in construction specifications has saved the Kuwaiti government KD 7 million ($23 million) on two projects, Construction Week reported.

Kuwait's Ministry of Public Works (MPW) reportedly spotted the translation error in a document specifying technical works, which had been in effect since 1987. Erroneous translations of technical terms from English to Arabic were said to have caused a financial impact as well.

Ghalib Shlash, assistant undersecretary for the ministry's construction projects sector, reportedly told Kuwaiti media outlet Al-Rai that the erroneous item "concerned groundwater, and calculating the...water level on which concrete is placed".

Expressing regret over the error, Shlash said that the incorrect translation increased costs, and was thus amended based on international specifications.

"We discovered that the specifications in the English language were correct, but their translation and interpretation into Arabic was wrong," the official added, according to Al-Rai.

Modifying the translation had an immediate effect and helped the ministry save a total of $23 million on the first two projects implemented following the correction. 

Source: Arabian Business

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