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Travel ban on ‘Fintas Group’
June 9, 2015, 8:52 am

The Public Prosecution has banned 13 suspects in the ‘Fintas Group’ case from travelling overseas prior to their interrogations. These include four members of the ruling family, three lawyers, four ‘Twitter’ users, one media practitioner and a citizen who resides abroad, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources.

They revealed that Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled had confirmed during the last parliamentary session that the case has been referred to the Public Prosecution for investigations following the preliminary investigations carried out by Ministry of Interior. Sources revealed that the suspects were accused of undermining public order, abusing the authority of HH the Amir, inciting others to create panic, spreading rumors, interfering in the work of the judiciary and humiliating judges.

They explained that one of the lawyers was arrested for participating in an unauthorized rally last March. During interrogation, the security authorities gathered a lot of information from him including the personal telephone numbers of some people who are involved in illegal activity. The sources indicated that the Public Prosecution will begin investigations on the suspects, adding that there are reports of higher number of individuals involved in the case.

They indicated that the investigations may unfold important information about several other issues, most importantly the issue of the so-called ‘tapes of sedition’, their objectives and the manner in which they were prepared, adding that those in custody are also charged with undermining public order and infringing on the powers of HH the Amir.


The sources affirmed that such crimes fall within the scope of the State Security and carry a punishment of up to ten-year imprisonment and, in some cases, even capital punishment. Prior to these developments, the National Assembly had unanimously approved the proposal submitted by 29 lawmakers to refer the case of the Fintas Group, which has been suspected of engaging in conspiracy activities, to the Public Prosecution.

The conspirators have allegedly been spreading rumors to instigate chaos in the society. Their purported objectives include destabilizing national security and inciting conflicts in an attempt to collapse the entire system.

The lawmakers had asked Public Prosecution to reveal the names of all those involved, including politicians, former lawmakers and journalists who have allegedly played roles in planning and executing the conspiracy plots. Demanding the outcome of the investigation to be published in order to update people on the issue, the lawmakers accused the group of maligning the judiciary and every honorable sector in the country. They affirmed that assault on government figures is the work of those enmeshed in the misappropriation of public funds using unethical methods, considering it a national security issue. They promised to face those involved in corruption squarely by ensuring that their secrets and fabrications are out in the open.

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