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Turk produces ice-cream from dates, Zamzam water
November 10, 2015, 4:01 pm

Turkish ice-cream salesman Gurer Kami lately made a new kind of ice-cream of unique flavor, with ingredients including dates, Zamzam water and rock salt. He said that he was motivated to improvise the new kind of ice-cream with religious and cultural considerations, besides availability of the ingredients all over the year at reasonable prices.

Choosing Madina dates and Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia as ingredients was due to many customers attachment to "every-thing related to religion and Islamic culture," he said. Lami adds rock salt for its special flavor and various health benefits as it includes 80 metallic elements, besides its availability in large quantities in Cankiri town close to Ankara.

Rock salt intakes reduce anxiety, improve appetite, help in digestion, decrease stomach acidity, help in treating respiratory diseases, colds and infections. Lami made the new kind of ice-cream after working in the sector for 20 years. He launched the new project in summer of 2013.

He started with making ice-cream cubes based on rock salt, which was not encouraged by any friends or family relatives. The second test, including the dates and Zamzam water, was widely applauded by everyone close to him. The process includes mixing 45 kilograms of dates with 60 liters of zamzam water per month. Both ingredients are mixed and boiled for a number of hours, then the mixture is cooled in a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius below zero.

He is still producing a total of 100 kilograms on a daily basis - in various forms and colors, although demand for the ice-cream greatly drops during winter. 

Source: KUNA


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