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Tweet posing as Isil threatens Kuwait
August 7, 2014, 9:09 am

Activists have called on the government to crack down on sleeper cells and organisations

Newspapers in Kuwait published what is presented as a tweet on an account attributed to the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), Abu Baker Al Baghdadi, in which he said he would attack Kuwait to lure the US into a confrontation.

“The organisation does not seek to get to America [US], but [America] will come to it,” Al Baghdadi reportedly posted in his tweet. “We have a reckoning with America, but we cannot reach there. However, America will come to us, and that will be by [us] entering Kuwait. America will then come to us. We will fight them and we will take our revenge.”

The authenticity of the account or the tweet was not established.

Maps attributed to Isil, known in Arabic as Daesh, and published earlier this year showed Kuwait as part of the state the terrorist group planned to establish in the region.

Kuwaiti officials often dismissed the threats and senior defence officers insisted on the country’s readiness to defend itself against any attacks.

Several lawmakers and activists called for vigilance against possible sleeping cells or supporters of the organisations.

On Wednesday, Al Anba daily reported that Kuwait’s interior ministry was monitoring some Twitter accounts suspected of sympathising with the organisation.

Accounts that aim to stir unrest in order to undermine the country’s security and stability and cause sedition within the community are also being monitored and they will face legal action after enough evidence is gathered, the daily reported, citing security sources.

“The competent authorities at the interior ministry are fully ready to monitor what is being raised on these accounts whether their owners are known or unknown,” the sources said. “The ministry totally rejects the use of bogus accounts to support anything that seeks to erode national unity. There is a zero tolerance of such attitudes and the law will be fully applied,” the sources added.

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