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Twenty labourers hurt as roof of prayer hall in school falls
January 25, 2016, 8:44 am

Twenty labourers were injured — four of them got serious injuries — when the ceiling of a prayer room in an under construction school in Sabah Al-Ahmad City collapsed.

The injured were transported by air and land ambulances to Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Adan, Farwaniya and Sabah hospitals. According to sources from the medical sector, 14 of the injured labourers sustained bruises in different parts of their bodies, three got fractures in their vertebral column, two suffered head injuries and one had a leg fracture.

Initial investigations revealed the ceiling collapsed when the labourers poured cement on an area measuring 500 square meters. It has been reported that 30 labourers of different nationalities remained unscathed. Injuries varied between bruises, spine, head and thigh fractures, Assistant Undersecretary of the Health Ministry for Supportive Medical Services Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi said.

 Earlier in the day, State Minister of Housing Yasser Abul warned that anyone found negligent in the school collapse would face legal and administrative punishment. Wishing those injured in the incident a swift recovery, he told reporters, “we will not hesitate to hold those found guilty of negligence accountable.”

Meanwhile, the Ahmadi Governor Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khalid has given instructions to follow the health condition of people wounded when part of the mosque which is under construction in Sabah Al-Ahmed collapsed. The governor has also called on the concerned authorities to facilitate the treatment of the people at the Adan, Mubarak Al-Kabir and Al-Sabah hospitals. The Governor has praised the concerned official sectors for quick response, especially the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health to rescue the injured people and take them to hospitals as fast as possible.

Source: KUNA

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