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Two Iranians given death over murder of ‘royal’, friend, maid
May 15, 2017, 8:39 am

The Criminal Court sentenced two Iranian expatriates to death over the murder of a ruling family member, his friend and his housemaid in Salwa area. The court also imposed a fine of KD 200 each on two Kuwaiti citizens for possessing unlicensed weapons, and ordered the confiscation of these weapons.

The Public Prosecution had charged the first suspect of murdering the victims, and the second suspect of preparing the necessary scenario and equipment for the crime such as the guns, plastic cable wires and tape.

It also charged the two suspects of attempting to murder the driver of the ruling family member, as well as of stealing money and mobile phones of the victims along with the guns owned by the ruling family member.

According to the case file, the first suspect went to the flat where the victims were staying. The second suspect, who is a domestic worker of the ruling family member, had facilitated the entry of the first suspect by leaving the door to the flat open.

The first suspect shot the victims, starting with the ruling family member, after the second suspect had tied them up with plastic cable wires and taped their mouths shut. They then tried to kill the driver by shooting him and then cutting his neck with a knife, but he managed to survive through medical assistance.

Source: Arab Times

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