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Two Kuwait cities selected to host YGLP Asia 2017-18
March 11, 2017, 4:43 pm

Kuwait City and Salmiya are among 54 cities selected from Asia to host the maiden edition of Young Global Leadership Program - Asia (YGLP Asia). These cities will host YGLP Workshops and Conferences during the year 2017-18 bringing some of world’s greatest icons to these venues.

A total 800 schools and 500 colleges and universities from 44 Asian countries have qualified for YGLP Asia 2017-18, including a combined total of 35 institutes from Kuwait. Institutes are selected for YGLP Asia by a panel on multiple criteria including pedagogic and physical infrastructure for leadership development, strategy for leadership development and international outlook.

YGLP is currently administered in 44 countries and 2 Special Administrative Regions of the Asian continent as YGLP ASIA, in association with Human Science Lab, London, and YGLP Oxford, the Oxford University chapter of YGLP.

YGLP Asia is an initiative by the Asia Council — a forum for Asia’s heads of state or government and key decision makers to deliberate on the challenges facing Asia. Headquartered in Tokyo, the council covers 48 sovereign states and 6 partially sovereign or dependent territories of the continent of Asia, constituting about 30 percent of Earth’s total land area, over 60 percent of total world population and about 35 percent of the world economy pegged at US$27.5 trillion.

The YGLP Asia initiative aims to promote leadership on the continent, which is one of the key mandates of the council. It is administered through Asian Leadership Centre, a specialised organ and associate organisation of the Council.

YGLP is an outcome of world-leading research on leadership and human excellence at the Human Science Lab, London, with support from a consortium of transnational organisations and foundations. The purpose behind creation of YGLP was to come up with a path-breaking model that could be used across the globe to create a new generation of leaders who can push the limit of human accomplishments to a new frontier.

YGLP was first launched at University of Oxford in January 2016. It was subsequently launched at University of Cambridge, Stanford University, London School of Economics and several other Ivy League and Russell Group universities.

The list of YGLP host cities selected in Asia includes eight of the world’s ten largest metropolitan agglomeration and 12 of the world’s 20 wealthiest cities. The cities were selected by a panel based on their global profile and concentration of institutions qualifying for YGLP Asia in their proximity.

The YGLP session 2017-18 will culminate with the YGLP Global Conference at Oxford University attended by YGLP Fellows from YGLP Europe, Asia, Americas, Pacific and Africa. A ranking of countries and institutes based on their performance at YGLP, reflecting their competence in educational excellence and leadership development, will be released at the conference.

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