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Two Kuwaiti youths rape two Somali women in Wafra farm
April 13, 2017, 8:48 am

Police have arrested two Kuwaiti youths for raping two young Somali women in a farm in Wafra, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said one of the Somali women befriended one of the Kuwaitis and the latter proposed to marry her. He then requested her to meet him in Qadsiya.

The woman reportedly requested her friend to accompany her on her date, because she wanted to know if the man will be suitable for her as husband.

The youth reportedly came in a car accompanied by a friend and took the two women to a farm in Wafra and forced sex on them.

One of the women then filed a complaint with the police. Police, based on the description provided by the women, arrested the two rapists and referred them to the Public Prosecution and the women to Forensics.

Source: Arab Times

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