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Two cars for Kuwaitis, residents can own one vehicle, says Al-Ali
November 30, 2013, 8:47 am

The General Traffic Department (GTD) recently organized a traffic campaign in Khairan under the supervision of Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Abdulfattah Al-Ali.

During the campaign the traffic sector seized 45 all terrain vehicles, a number of motorcycles, issued 500 citations and referred 40 youths to the concerned authorities for either holding illegal races, speeding or violating other traffic laws. Al-Ali reiterated similar campaigns will be held all over the country and that the law will be applied on all without discrimination. He went on to say the seized vehicles will be towed to the Interior Ministry garage and will be released only after paying the due fines. In other news, Al-Ali said the Ministry of Interior has prepared a study which will be referred to the Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalid for perusal and approval. The aim of this perusal is to limit the number of vehicles on the roads and help prevent traffic jams.

According to the study, a Kuwaiti will be allowed to own only two cars and for each additional car he/she will have to pay the government KD 100. However, the General Traffic Department will limit expatriates to one car and that too after taking into consideration the salary of the expatriate through technical channels. In all cases, an expatriate will not be allowed to own more than one vehicle. This decision was taken, Major-General Al- Ali said after the study showed a large number of citizens and expatriates owned several vehicles. The study shows, he added, at the moment 1,200,000 cars ply on Kuwait’s roads. Al-Ali added, this is not the only study which is being considered. There are other studies, plans and strategies in the short- midand longer-term to control and solve the traffic congestion on roads.

Ali noted the efforts exerted by the traffic sector in cooperation with the concerned authorities will help improve traffic movement on the roads. He disclosed, due to efforts exerted by traffic officers the traffic on the roads during peak hours has started moving faster which at one time moved at a snail’s pace. One of the reasons is due to strict traffic awareness and campaigns during which old vehicles which were cause of traffic jams have been pulled out of the roads and several motorists who were driving without licence have also either been arrested or they have stayed off the roads for fear of being arrested. This has helped ease traffic congestion during peak hours, he added.

The traffic campaigns which were organized over the last few months have resulted in arresting thousands of expatriates, either for driving without licence or committing serious traffic violations. The application of strict law and new government strategy, he added, has helped reduce the number of serious traffic accidents which had resulted either in death or permanent injuries. Statistics issued by the General Traffic Department show a 20 percent reduction in all accidents. This was due to the tremendous efforts exerted by the traffic sector and other security agencies.

The traffic cameras which have been installed at vital places along highways have largely helped reduce traffic accidents, he said. Add to this the 24-hour road surveillance using radars. The Assistant Undersecretary disclosed the GTD has recovered KD 42 million of the KD 51 million in traffic fines. He added, the ministry is in the process of collecting remaining money. He disclosed the Ministry of Interior and the General Immigration Departments are linked through a network to prevent expatriates and citizens from completing their transactions before paying the fines. He went on to say more than 10,000 Kuwaitis have been informed through different channels to pay their traffic fines. If they fail their files will be referred to the Public Prosecution. He stressed the traffic campaigns will continue in all areas of Kuwait to control the traffic and the law will be applied on all without discrimination.

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