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Two children drown in Kuwait water pond
September 22, 2013, 3:15 pm

Two Kuwaiti children have died and a third is fighting for his life after they allegedly failed to climb out of a pond of water near an oil field.

Reports in Kuwait City could not agree whether the children, aged between seven and nine, went for a swim as they were in the area or fell into the water.

According to one report, the children were on Saturday with a family member, a shepherd in the area, when they walked to the edge of the water pond and fell.

Two siblings drowned, and the third was able to survive, although he still needs treatment, Arabic daily Al Watan said.

However, Al Aan news site said that the three children were “on a picnic with their fathers and other relatives when they sneaked away and went to the water where two died and the third survived, but is now in a critical condition”.

Reports said that an investigation had been launched into the incident that occurred as schools reopened following a long summer vacation.


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