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Two perish, two injured in hot chase for suspect
August 31, 2015, 8:32 am
The car in which a National Guard officer and a guard in National Assembly lost their lives during the hot chase for an unidentified suspect.

A National Guard officer and a securityman assigned in the National Assembly died while two other officers with the ranks of first lieutenant and sergeant major were injured when the patrol vehicle collided with that of a person suspected of involvement in a criminal activity during a hot chase.

While patrolling in Fahaheel, the officers got suspicious of a vehicle bearing the plate number of another GCC country.

They signaled the driver to pull over for inspection but he sped off so the officers chased him until they reached Sabah Al-Salem. Unfortunately, the police vehicle flipped over when it collided with the car of the suspect and another civilian vehicle.

Firemen and paramedics rushed to the location after the Operations Unit at the Ministry of Interior received information on the incident. Two officers were injured – one is the patrol leader with the rank of first lieutenant and the other is a sergeant major. They were admitted to Adan Hospital as they suffered injuries in various parts of their bodies.

Meanwhile, the driver of the civilian car and his companion who were identified as a National Guard officer and a securityman assigned in the National Assembly died and their remains were referred to Forensics. Some people close to the dead officers gathered in front of Sabah Al-Salem Police Station and then they went to Adan Hospital where the securitymen ordered them to disperse.

Ministry Undersecretary General Sulaiman Al-Fahad ordered the formation of the committee to investigate circumstances of pursuit, “and whether there have been a violation or an improper conduct which required the punishment of anyone committing wrongdoing. The statement said the ministry would publish the finding of the investigation added KUNA.

Source: Arab Times

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