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Two persons arrested for shooting at police stn in Firdous
April 5, 2014, 9:54 pm
The Ministry of Interior announced Saturday that the security services nabbed two men who opened fire from a machinegun at Fidrous Police Station.
The two men, who were drunk, had made a botched attempt to release by force their two drunken friends who are detained before shooting at the police station in order to intimidate the policemen. A policeman was injured in the attack.
The security services of Sabah Al-Nasser Police Station had earlier arrested the two drunken men for breaking into a house and transferred them to Al-Fardous, the Ministry's Security Media Dept. said in a statement.
The two attackers have been referred to the Public Prosecution for illegal possession of a firearm and shooting at a banned area, the statement pointed out.
Acting on an arrest warrant from the prosecution, the security services intercepted the car of one of the suspected attackers; they found the firearm and a number of bullets.
The statement warned that anybody who risks attacking or infringing on the security facilities or personnel will face tough legal action. 
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