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U.S. Ambassadors to Kuwait, Qatar confirmed
July 11, 2014, 4:50 pm

The Senate confirmed Thursday the U.S. Ambassadors to Kuwait Douglas Silliman and Qatar Dana Smith while 43 more ambassadors await to be confirmed.

In a statement by Secretary of State John Kerry, he stressed "I am reminded every day as Secretary that the world demands our engagement more than ever before," stressing "but we can't lead if we are not present." "That's why I want to make a personal plea to my friends in the United States Senate to please confirm the State Department's nominees and confirm them now," he remarked.
He indicated "this very minute, we have 58 nominees pending before the Senate, including 43 ambassadors.

That means we're going without our strongest voice on the ground every day in more than 25 percent of the world. " He noted "I revere the Senate. Every member of the Senate wants America to succeed in the world. I think all of us agree that the United States should see its foreign policy professionals confirmed so that America is well represented." The U.S. top diplomat added "Just today, our nominees to Qatar and Kuwait, were confirmed.

These are vital jobs. But it should not take a crisis to win approval." He added "This is particularly true of the 21 remaining nominees on the floor who are career diplomats. As I proposed earlier this week, they should be expeditiously confirmed as a block, just the way we handle promotions of our military officers." "I know we can fix this problem. It's not hard .... This is a moment to show that we speak with one voice on American leadership and that our democratic institutions can still advise and consent instead of defer and delay," Kerry concluded.

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