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US hails Kuwait's efforts to protect expat workers' rights
July 13, 2016, 5:18 pm

 US Ambassador to Kuwait Douglas Silliman hailed Kuwait's efforts to protect the rights of expatriate workers and fight human trafficking. In a statement to reporters during his visit to the Kuwaiti center for sheltering foreign workers on Wednesday, Silliman noted the importance of such body to provide expat workers with decent work and resolve all issues facing them in the country.

Silliman noted that he was especially keen to know the center provides medical and psychological care to expats, as well as suitable sleeping areas and means of entertainment.

He said Kuwait has taken a huge step in jumping from third to second place in the US' list of the top countries in protecting expat workers' rights. Meanwhile, in a statement to KUNA, the ambassador applauded the recent laws issued in the matter in Kuwait, adding that he did not notice any negative actions against these workers in the country.

On his part, the center's chairman Falah Al-Mutairi said the shelter was established to host female workers and is the first of its kind in the Middle East, with the capacity to receive 500 people. Kuwait is also planning on establishing a second shelter to host male workers, he added.

Al-Mutairi also noted that Kuwait has helped about 4,800 victims of human trafficking, in cooperation with international humanitarian organizations and the UN.

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