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Unified maids recruitment fees, salaries proposed
January 5, 2016, 9:31 am

Sources revealed a proposal on the cost of recruiting domestic helpers and their salaries. The list must be approved by the ministries of interior and social affairs before circulating it to offices. Prices vary according to nationality, with minimum and maximum limits according to experience and certificates.

1- Filipino: Recruitment cost is KD 270 and monthly salary between KD 110 and KD 120.
2- Indian: KD 160, with salary between KD 70 to KD 85.
3- Sri Lankan: KD 200, and salary KD 70.
4- Ethiopia, Nepal, Eritrea, Ghana and Madagascar: KD 100, and salaries between KD 70 and KD 80.

Sources said the circular will be announced in all media and concerned bodies dealing with domestic help and embassies. They said there will be strict punishment for anyone who manipulates prices, which may be a minimum of one year in jail and a fine of KD 5,000.

Source: Al-Qabas

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