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Unions demand compensation for fuel price increase
September 4, 2016, 11:15 am

Labor unions have begun petitioning on behalf of employees for compensation following the fuel price increase issued by the government. Two societies have issues statements yesterday, demanding that workers they represent receive financial bonuses.

Secretary general of the society of educational executives Bader Al-Hadram was critical of the Government’s decision to increase fuel pricing, reasoning that the executives and public servants of various educational facilities in Kuwait would be adversely impacted. He further added that the Minister of Education Bader Al-Essa should ensure all educational facilities’ executives be paid at least KD 200 as petrol allowance to offset the additional costs incurred by them. 

On their part, Chairman of Kuwait Fishermen Union Thaher Al-Sowayyan emphasized his members’ demands for subsidies and construction of a special village, and urged the government to fulfill them at the earliest.

Sowayyan said it was imperative the government assist fishermen with petrol subsidies and said he had sent out a letter to the finance ministry a few months earlier to that effect.

Sowayyan stressed that fishermen pay 95 fils instead of 85 fils for 92-octane petrol and 115 fils instead of 105 fils for 95 octane petrol while the supplying company makes up the difference in price. He warned the government that fishermen utilize a lot of petrol for their fishing expeditions and the price increase might raise the price of shrimps and other fish. He also mentioned that the difficult conditions were causing Kuwaiti fisherman to abandon this profession.

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