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Unqualified, ‘trainee’ doctors cause of most medical errors
September 10, 2015, 8:27 am

The accidental death of the Kuwaiti citizen Saud Al- Azmi in Jahra Hospital due to a medical error has exposed a dangerous problem which could lead to more of such incidents if it is not dealt with in a proper manner, medical sources say.

They held Ministry of Health responsible for such mistakes due to the legal and administrative violations that are being committed over the past many decades such as appointment of doctors who do not hold the necessary license to work in ministry’s hospitals and medical centers and practice the profession because they are registered under the clause ‘Under Training’.

The sources explained that the ministry is committing a huge violation by hiring fresh graduates from Faculty of Medicine of Kuwait University and expatriate doctors directly from the Undersecretary’s Office without ensuring that they are issued with the necessary license to practice the profession.

They affirmed that the relevant law necessitates the issuance of licenses to doctors in order for the latter to practice their profession; but the Ministry of Health has not been complying with this law. The sources said investigations on the Al-Azmi death case revealed that the doctor who committed the medical error is an expatriate doctor who was registered under the ‘Under Training’ clause and did not have the necessary license to perform the surgery or even practice the profession.

They indicated that the ministry, just few months ago, had accepted the demand of the License Department to abide by the condition of the need for medical staff to hold the necessary licenses for practicing their professions.

However, the condition was apparently not applied properly and comprehensively, as there are expatriate doctors who continue to work in the ministry without holding a license. The sources revealed that Ministry of Health, License Department and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research recently held joint meetings to devise a mechanism for applying the new decision on the graduates from Faculty of Medicine of Kuwait University.

Source: Arab Times

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